Amrita varhini – The last phase of Alakapuri during monsoon

It is a beautiful sight to watch the fall from the base of the first fall, and from the summit of the second fall and also from the base of the entire cascade of water. Here nature has already carved out a beautiful sight for the world to see. During monsoon, it outshines in beauty most other waterfalls of this magnitude.

It is in this area that the rare plants called “neelakkurinji” blossom once in 12 years. Then the entire waterfall area looks studded with the heavenly feast of neelakkurinji flowers. It was by the end of 2002 that people had last witnessed the blossom.

During monsoon months, when the rainfall is heavy, water overflows and then it is a single fall through the top point of the projecting rock. The spray of water unfolds spectacular rainbows in the sun