Hanumanpara- the rock of Sri Hanuman

Hanumanpara (The rock of Sri Hanuman) is a rocky mountain peak at Mukkuzhi, another foot hill of Western Ghats, situated at about 4000 feet above the sea level. It got its name from a Hindu deity, Lord Sri Hanuman.

The footprint like marks there on the rock resembles that of an ape and is believed to be that of Lord Sri Hanuman. One day from this hilltop he, in his early childhood, jumped at the Sun mistaking it as an eatable and was struck down by Lord Indra and fell down at Sasippara, a nearby rocky peak. The most part of Sasippara was broken lengthwise and crushed down the earth by the force of this. Whatever be the truth in the myth, Hanumanpara provides a lovely view of Western Ghats, Coorge range of Karnataka forest, Udumba River (a tributary of Valapatanam River) etc. During early mornings and evenings cool breeze pervades the hill and floating clouds will be moving by as if bales of white cotton are shifted from one hillock to another.

There are some other points down below Hanumanpara where visitors can take rest and enjoy the scenic beauty of this forest land

The “terrifying” beauty revealed by the steep sides of Hanumanpara(the rock of the god ‘Sri Hanuman) will never say goodbye to a tourist’s mind.