Evergreen forest- The splendour of nature

There are two patches of forest in Kanjirakolly tourism zone. The first one extends from Kunnathurpadi to Padankavala which is 399ha in area. Out of this 60 ha has been converted into cashew garden and 6 ha into acacia plantation.

The forest patch northwest of Padankavala is the Kanjirakolly beat which is consisting of an area of 599ha. The land of both the patches is vested from erstwhile landlords as per the 1971 act.

The animals found here include Malabar giant squirrel, the large brown squirrel, barking deer, mouse deer, wild pig, and wild dog. The wild elephants, leopards and tigers are some seasonal visitors to these forest patches. They come from the nearby Maakkuttam range of Karnataka reserve forest. Many species of reptiles and poisonous spiders are reported to be found from the interior forest areas.

A variety of butterflies and dragonflies are also found in the banks of springs, streams, and river which give a feast to our eyes.