River Udumba

River Uudumba originates from Kambam Medu in the Maakkuttam range of Karnataka Reserve forest. About one km. away from the Kerala border, many “kayams” (lakes) and waterfalls are formed. It is really a location best suited for summer picnics.

From a point near Manikadave,it forms a lake called Palakkuzhy Kayam which can be converted into a tourism point best suited for boating and rafting.The monsoon floods is very nice to be viewed from the hanging bridge near Manikadave.

From Manikadave the river joins with Kalanki Thode to form Nuchiyad River,one of the main tributary to River Valapatanam.All the water resources from Kanjirakolly and the adjoining hills reach Udumbappuzha (River Udumba), which snakes its way to Valapattanam through Manikadave, Nuchiyad, Payyavur and Sreekantapuram. Valapattanam River is the longest river in Kannur district. It is the 9th longest one in Kerala and by the quantum of water resources it gains the fourth place.

The run off of the River Udumba is controlled by monsoon rains- about 85% from south west monsoon and the remaining from north west monsoon.
The fresh water breaks into foamy splashes through the bed of boulders. Throughout the year the river is the haunt of many birds including migratory birds. Adding to the beauty of the riverbank there is a rich variety of butterfly population also.

The jungle path along the banks of River Udumba is best suited for idling away the summer holidays. The jungle here looks like the garden of Paradise.