Struck down by Lord Indra,it is believed, Lord Sri Hanuman fell down on this rock. What ever be the truth in this myth,may be due to an optical illusion, a part of the rock takes the shape of a monkey- head while viewed down from the distant valley.
Unfortunately this curious portion of the rock has been destroyed during the fencing work on the rock by the Forest Department of Kerala
Situated at a height of about 4000 feet, Sasippara is one of the main attractions of Kanjirakolly. Though “sasi” in Malayalam means moon, this rock is named after an unlucky inhabitant who once resided nearby.

From Sasippara we can see Kanjirakolly Valley, Chittari Valley, and Coorge Forests of Karnataka, Udumba River, Elappara and other villages. The view of the hills from Sasippara is exotic. Human beings moving in the adjoining villages appear like match sticks from the top. The hill has rich winds almost throughout the year and it is like a window opened from a tower situated by the side of Arabian Sea.