December 10, 2012

Summer in kanjirakolly- Rock tour suggested for a one day trip

The variety of rocks from “Aniyanparathattu” to “Hanumanpara” in Mukkuzhi part of Kerala forest in Kanjirakolly provides to a tourist  the real thrill that can be given only by gods’own highland, Kanjirakolly. The one day trip can be begun from Aniyanparathattu. From Aniyanpara thattu to Kaimuttippara- then take the circular jungle path starting from the right side of kamuttippara which will take you to maaridappara, naagafanappara, kandaamrugappara, sugreevanpara, maalikappara, amruthappara and finally once again to kaimuttippara. From there the uphill trip- Oonjaalpara, Gopurappara, Nettanpara, Udumpanpara, Maramthaangippara, visranthi plain, velippara and finally Hanumanpara- the topmost peak on that part of the hill.

Hanumanpara (ഹനുമാന്‍പാറ)

The “terrifying” beauty revealed by the steep sides of Hanumanpara(the rock of the god ‘Sri Hanuman) will never say goodbye to a tourist’s mind.



Nature’s own fencing to protect the tourists


Visranthi (വിശ്രാന്തി)
It is a small plane where picnic teams usually take rest and have snacks


Maramthangippara (മരംതാങ്ങിപ്പാറ)
It is globe- shaped rock. The base touching the earth is only below four squire feet










From Kaimittippara (കൈമുട്ടിപ്പാറ) there is a circular jungle path leading to Maaridappara — Nagafanappara– Kandamrugappara–Sugreevanpara– Malikappara–Amruthappara– Kaimuttipara
On way to Kaimuttippara from Amruthappara

Sugreevan Para

This stone structure with arch shaped roof is supposed to be the house where Lord Hanuman, in his childhood, lived along with his mother




The rock near to Maaridappara is Naagafanappara(naaga=snake)  MARIDAPPARA


The jungle path to the right of kaimuttippara leads to Maaridappara.


Kaimittippara (കൈമുട്ടിപ്പാറ)
A few metres uphill from Aniyanparathattu we reach a really thrilling point, Kaimuttippara



Aniyanparathattu (അനിയന്‍പാറത്തട്ട്)
Can reach this point either by foot through a footpath down from Kanjirakolly to Mukkuzhi or by jeep through “Thaadippara- Mukkuzhi Road, a pocket road starting from Payyavur- Kanjirakolly Road. The footpath and the road meet a few metres away from Aniyanparathattu.